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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my activities online Anonymous?

a hard NO! its exactly the opposite.
Your internet provider, WIfi hotspots, cellphone carriers, government agencies, messaging apps, advertisers, search engines and tech giants can easily see and forever log all your online activities, including what you search, sites you visit, files you download or apps you use and track your exact location 24/7 to to create an invisible profile linked to your real identity that can never be deleted and used to manipulate the information you see, sell it to advertisers and share it with goverments.

How can a VPN proect me?

A virtual private network, better known as a VPN, hides your true internet protocol (IP) address, the requests you send, and can even "change" your location by creating a direct encrypted communication tunnel on top of your internet connection between you and the internet, obsecuring all your online activities and making it virtually impossible to be traced back to your real identity.

What else can your VPN do?

Changing your real IP address and encrypting your connection using a VPN opens a wide range of advantages: It lets you visit sites that may have been blocked or censored by your internet provider, stream and download content anonymously without limits, allow you to view content that may be availalbe only for users from a different, Protect personal confidential information you submit to sites such as online banking credentials or social media passwords and even get you discounts that are given from shops to users from specific regions of the world.

Will a VPN slow my internet connection?

In some cases a VPN could create a speed difference if you choose to connect to servers in countries that are far from yours, for example: if you live in the U.S and connect to a server Thailand. but since our servers are very fast and in prime locations in some cases a VPN can improve the routing of your traffic to sites you visit making it even faster to visit or download.

Will I be completley Anonymous if I use a VPN?

With all the well funded, powerful entities that are after you personal information, A VPN is a very strong tool and a big part of privacy protection that everyone should use 24/7, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. there are more tools and a lot of behavioral changes to your habits that needs to be modified and used on the way to become more annonymous online.
for example: if you use a VPN but log in to a service you previously sumitted your personal information to such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Google account, you already compromised your privacy by letting these services know it is YOU who is logged in, so in such cases the VPN can only do its job partially.
Part of our mission will is to educate you as much as possible on how to preserve your annonimity and latest privacy threads with articles on our blog, so make sure to check that out.

When I use your VPN, Can you spy on me?

In theory every VPN provider is centerlized as they control the servers you connect to and a malicious one has the technological capablities track and spy on its users.
Any provider who says differently is lying to you.
Besides the fact that it unethical and completely against our objective and risk to our reputation, we always seek to position ourselves in a place that even if we were asked about a specific user we won't have infomration to provide:
When using our service you do not have to provide any personal information, we provide anonymous payment options such as BTC and Monero, and even if you chose to use a credit card or PayPal, the payment method or transaction id are not linked to a specific user account and we completely delete this information right after payment has been made. we keep no network or activity logs on our servers and in case of a technical issue it is your choice if to send us logs that are kept solely on your device to help you resolve the issue. and last, we constantly work on features that will make you as less trackable as possible.

Privacy is a basic human right

We don't need or want to know who you really are.

  • No personal information (name, email, phone number) is required to sign up
  • We support and recommend Cryptocurrency payments
  • Payment data is not connected to your account
  • We strictly do not collect and save any IP addresses that could be traced back to customers
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As privacy advocates and VPN users ourselves we take our customers feedbacks seriously. we work around the clock to read and resolve every report, question, complaint or suggestion you may have , so whnever you need us, we are here.

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  • Constant technological adaptation, battling new privacy related challenges
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