About Unseen Online

We are a small and determined group of developers, dedicated to providing affordable privacy protection and censorship circumvention solutions.

Unseen Online launched its first free VPN product in 2016 (Unseen Online - Unlimited VPN). The idea for the app came to us when we witnessed the widespread, aggressive censorship in countries such as China, Russia, The UAE, Uganda and many others. We were determined to provide the people of these countries with tools that would allow them to access ANY content on the internet, and restore their ability to communicate with relatives in countries where messaging and VoIP apps were blocked.

At the time, we were more focused on censorship circumvention than on privacy, so the business model of an ad-supported free VPN was appropriate.

In 2022, we took the next step of launching Unseen Online Premium - our paid service. Unseen Online Premium is a low-cost VPN solution, designed for both privacy protection and censorship circumvention. In contrast to the free ad-supported service, the paid business model allows us to avoid the integration of Google or Facebook ads, or any other tool or library developed by the diabolical data collection monsters that modern tech corporations have become. We are hell-bent on protecting our users from any kind of automatic data collection.

We are committed to continually evolving our service to address the ever-escalating technological challenges that come with protecting our users. We work hard to develop original, straightforward solutions to offer the highest possible level of privacy.